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A Monetary History of German East Africa

by John E. Sandrock

500 Rupien Type 1912

 by Yann-Noël Hénon


Die Banknotes Der Deutsch-Ostafrikanischen Bank von 1905 bis 1914

by Dr. Claus-Peter Meyer

Das Kolonialgeld Deutsch - Ostafrika

by Frank Scholz

Die 20 - Rupien oder Meinertzhagen-Falschung aus Deutsch-Ostafrika

by Claus Engelhardt


by Albert Pick


by Albert Pick

200 Rupien aus Deutsch-Ostafrika von 1915

by Hans-Ludwig Grabowski

IBNS Journals

City Honors Hero of  German East Africa

by Fred Phillipson

(IBNS Journal 09-1)

German East Africa Currency

 by Jimmy N. Lawrence

(IBNS Journal 09-4)​

The Paper Money of German East Africa - Part I

 by Bernard Schaff

(IBNS Journal 13-4)

The Paper Money of German East Africa - Part II

 by Bernard Schaff

(IBNS Journal 14-1)

The 20 Rupees or Meinertzhagen Counterfeit from German East Africa

by Claus Engelhardt

(IBNS Journal 60-3)


A site in German foo all things papermoney related

A site related to money in German 

Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin

A website that has all the newspapers printed in GEA from 1899 till 1916

.... and MORE

Banknote Related

Historical Reference

Heritage Auctions 

Video about the special 500 Rupien note going to auction!

German East Africa 500 Rupien note for sale at Heritage in .......

This is their promotional video (not many banknotes have videos made for their sale)

The banknote eventually sold for $?????

Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics

Ft. Leavenworth Series -General Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck

Mark Hall's fantastic lecture  look at... with the following highlights:

12:20 - sdnslkdn

15:35 - aksldsldm

23:10 - asdcklsklsd

Spotify Podcast (produced by Mac Arthur Memorial)

Lettow-Vorbeck & German East Africa

A short 15 minute podcast about the 'Little War' between Lettow-Vorbeck's 14,000 troops and the 300,000 strong British Army in east Africa

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